Hansenberg educates the future craftsmen, self-employed, engineers, architects etc. Every year a new group of both young and older people begin on vocational educations, technical gymnasium, courses and continuing education – this obliges in regards to green thinking. Hansenberg offers courses with focus on energy optimization and readily gives advice on course opportunities and subsidy schemes, which makes it possible for employees in companies to undergo continuing education in the area of cost-effective and sustainable energy improvements. The cooperation with Green Business Growth is a good platform for experience sharing which can strengthen knowledge on content of future courses.


Vejen Municipality / Developing Vejen 

Vejen Municipality has adopted a climate strategy which aims to save 30% on CO2 by 2030. The climate strategy targets citizens and companies along with the municipality itself. The municipality has to reduce its CO2 emissions by 2% every year by 2025. Green Business Growth forms a joint project between Vejen Municipality, Developing Vejen and local companies. In Vejen Green Business Growth is focused on education of craftsmen, evening classes for citizens and energy fairs combined with free energy checks for citizens and companies. The goal is CO2 reduction along with local growth and job creation.

www.vejenkom.dk og www.udviklingvejen.dk

Nordfyns Municipality

With Green Business Growth Nordfyns Municipality aims to create jobs that serve the environment and the interests of both the citizens and the business community by having a focus on reducing the energy consumption. We have established “The Green Council” which is a forum for dialogue and increased cooperation between citizens, interest groups, business organizations, politicians and the administration of Nordfyns Municipality. Nordfyns Municipality works actively with a large number of energy and climate projects. Nordfyns Municipality has a adopted an ambitious investment plan that invests more than 50 million Danish crowns during the next four years in the projects, which have a payback time of up to 20 years.


Assens Municipality  

Assens Municipality is a climate municipality and has set as goal to be a CO2 neutral geographic entity by 2042. Likewise the municipality aims to strengthen the commercial development as a part of Vision 2018 “Will to growth”. Assens Municipality is partner in Green Business Growth from May 1 2013. The partnership in Green Business Growth will create new green jobs while private homes and companies get a lower energy consumption and better indoor climate. Among the initiatives there will be fairs, education for craftsmen, evening classes for citizens – all with the purpose of creating growth and to render the environmental and economic benefits of energy renovation and investing in renewable energy visible.


Middelfart Municipality  

Middelfart Municipality focuses on green growth and it pays off. We facilitate green business growth and job creation. We do this through sustainable projects, partnerships and specific actions, for example through energy renovations of our own buildings and requiring new buildings to be of energy class 1. Middelfart Municipality’s energy revonation of public buildings saves more than 21% on energy consumption. This model can be copied by the business community. Together with partners in Green Business Growth we lent a hand to green transition while creating jobs within energy renovation. This is good for the scoio-economics, CO2 emissions, indoor climate and property values.


Kolding Municipality

Kolding Municipality is member of Green Cities which consists of a number of municipalities with ambitious goals for environmental sustainability. Green Cities aim to establish a CO2 neutral heat supply by the end of 2025 and a 25% reduction of CO2 emissions before 2015.

Kolding Municipality participates in several project groups and the steering committee of Green Business Growth. We offer experience from previous projects and the municipality’s local networks and communities.

Kolding Municipality’s interest in Green Business Growth is to clear the way for a CO2 neutral heat supply while creating local jobs. We wish to accommodate the interests of the environment, the interests of the citizens and the interests of the business community.


Odense Municipality  

In 2012 Odense Municipality’s new environment policy was enacted under the headline “Sustainable together”. We consider the sustainable development of Odense as a big city a shared responsibility which requires overall thinking and a fine balance between social, economic and environmental aspects. At the same time the ambitions on the sustainable big city gives new opportunities for growth and job creations – even in a time of crisis. The new energy craftman education is a good example of this. The same goes for the massive investments in the renovation of the municipality’s buildings.

Odense Municipality supports Green Business Growth because together, we can achieve results, share kownledge and inspire each other to a greener future.

$ http://www.odense.dk/topmenu/borger/bymiljoe/natur%20miljoe%20baeredygtighed/baeredygtighed/miljoepolitik

Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality

In Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality we wish to take part in reaching the government’s climate goal and be CO2-neutral by 2050 This entails converting the energy supply to renewable energy. We will create green growth in the municipality. We aim to do this in the service and craftsmen business through the many energy renovation projects. We will bring into focus the creation of new production methods and energy systems. This result we can only achieve by close cooperation with the business community, the agricultural sector and the citizens. Through Green Business Growth Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality wishes to strengthen development of a more climate friendly future where we together with citizens, the business community and other municipalities can share knowledge and gather inspiration.


Fjernvarme Fyn

Fjernvarme Fyn (District heating Funen) provides eco-friendly heat to 200.000 inhabitants of Funen and is one of the biggest suppliers of district heating in Europe. Since the beginning the idea of district heating has been to recycle the surplus heat from industrial processes. Fjernvarme Fyn aims to reduce the amount of CO2 and acts on several fronts to achieve a better environment. By utilizing biogases from degasification of slurry and from decomposition of waste from garbage dumps, working with solar energy and many other initiatives Fjernvarme Fyn reduces CO2-emissions.


Bright Energy ApS

Bright Energy imports and develops innovative and unique high-quality LED light sources which are distributed across Denmark. As a company we offer advice on renewable energy solutions and perform energy and profitability calculations on solar cell panels and on conversions to LED lighting.

Bright Energy guides the public sector and businesses among others. We cooperate with our customers in finding the right solutions so that an investment in energy optimization becomes a profitable deal with a short payback time.

Bright Energy provides professional assistance with calculations and with applications for energy subsidies for energy optimizations. We gladly participate in the dialogue when the goal is saving energy!


HANS JØRGENSEN & SØN Entreprenører A/S 

The company has proud traditions of craftsmanship of high quality and is deeply rooted in Funen. The company is related to the independent companies of Guldfeldt Tømrer and Murer A/S in Svendborg and S. Guldfeldt Nielsen A/S. As a professional operator in the entrepreneurial trade we can perform all kinds of construction tasks for private aswell as public developers. It is also the mission of Hans Jørgensen & Søn to be up to date with new requirements in the area of indoor climate and buildings. Hans Jørgensen & Søn emphasizes to profit by our long-time knowledge in the field of own production, such as soil and sewage, concrete, masonry, carpentry, concrete restoration and drilling and cutting tasks.


IBC Kurser 

IBC Courses is Southern Denmark’s biggest provider of continuing and further education and covers a spread spectrum of general and company customized education in the field of leadership, HR, IT, marketing and communication etc. Some of the courses are carried as flexible learning, that is a combination of remote learning and teaching at IBC or the company. IBC Courses also functions as a discussion partner in the development of the company’s organization and leadership.

IBC Courses manages education in Green Business Growth and have, among other things, developed and completed the course “Energy renovating for craftsmen companies” about business development in connection with energy renovating.

Green Business Growth is a unique project that combines common sense, sustainability, business development and growth. We would like to support the development of our society in a sustainable direction.


Business Kolding

Business Kolding aims to promote business, trade and tourism in Kolding Municipality. Business Kolding develops projects, the business center Nordic Synergy Park, courses in cooperation with INSEAD, entrepreneurship, networks and attraction of companies.

House of Innovation and House of Design is a part of Business Kolding which participates in Green Business Growth in order to create jobs in the construction sector and to be a link to and from companies and craftsmen companies in Kolding Municipality. The primary interest of Business Kolding is for the Triangle Region to achieve a position of strength in energy efficient construction and that the companies gain know-how and exposure from the project.


Middelfart Business Center

We strengthen THE POTENTIAL

Middelfart Business Center works to maintain a strong business development in Middelfart Municipality. Middelfart Business Center sees great opportunities in Green Business Growth and has from the beginning supported the project. The completion of profitable energy renovations in the building stock has great significance for the craftsmen industry in Middelfart Municipality. And whether it concerns private homes, public buildings or commercial property we see great and unexploited potential for energy renovations, and the success of this is precisely what Green Business Growth can have a decisive impact on for the benefit of the growth in our local business community.


Saint-Gobain Isover 

We develop, produce and cooperate with our customers about innovation and effective isolation solutions based on glass wool. The energy consumption for every ton of glass wool produced at the factory in Vamdrup is one of the lowest in the world and the energy consumed in order to produce and install one 1 m2 of Isover is regained in reduced energy consumption after approx. six months.

More than 75 % of the raw materials used in Isover glass wool are recycled. Isover constantly seeks to increase the share of leftover glass used as raw material.

We have, among other things, talen part in creating the Comfort Houses in Skibet in Vejle – which is Denmark’s biggest one-to-one development project in the area of energy optimized building without traditional heating.

A newly developed system, ISOVER Plus, leads the way in the field of energy renovating of the old building stock and is, among other things, part of Project Coat House in Kolding. ISOVER Plus can save owners of older single-family house up to 80 % of the heating bill and simultaneously improve the indoor climate significantly.


Schneider Electrics

Specialist in energy optimization.

Energy Solutions in Schneider Electric offers ESCO-cooperation which greatly benefits both the envrionment, users of the building and the operating economy.

ESCO is short for Energy Service Company andis about the investments in renovation of the buildings being paid back through the yearly savings on the energy bill. In case the guaranteed saving isn’t achieved Schneider Electric will compensate economically. Schneider Electric participates in Green Business Growth as a partner on the basis of their experience with energy optimization. At the same time they are a competent discussion partner on the topic of how it can be made more attractive for housing associations and commercial property, for instance, to energy renovate

www.schneider-electric.dk – Intelligent buildings save energy


The HOUSE is an information company that communicates knowledge on construction, energy and environment. In Middelfart we manage the construction sector’s center for inspiration and learning with a conference centre, continuing education and the country’s biggest permanent display of building materials of a total of 28.000 m2 and with approx. 200 exhibitors. The HOUSE has more than 50 years of experience with developing and conduct courses and events and has, among other things, a wide range of courses in the area of energy and environment. We conduct most of our courses in our own conference centre which is the place in the Triangle Region that thinks inspiration and learning every day.



Grontmij is one the leading consultative engineering companies in Europe. As our customer you get solutions in the field of water, energy, transportation, planning and design – all with sustainability as foundation and common denominator. Our network of companies comprises almost 300 offices across Europe and another 50 offices globally.



TREFOR is one the country’s biggest private energy companies and we gladly lead the way in strengthening the cooperation between the public sector and private companies. We see a great growth potential in developing PPC(Public-Private Cooperation) in regards to energy and environment. TREFOR allocate ressources to establish the right relations and have the right product which adds value to all parties in the cooperation.

The green dimension is part of our overall strategy and we take responsibility to reach the political goals in the energy agreement. We aim to be a fossil free company by 2020. TREFOR actively participates in the green conversion of the society.


O. Adsbøll & Sønner
Your regional business partner in all types and sizes of construction projects.

O. Adsbøll & Sønner A/S is a regional entrepreneurial company with own production in the area of masonry and sewage work along with carpentry. We perform and develop construction, renovation and service tasks for both investors, private owners and the public sector.

We participate in Green Business Growth with the main purpose of boosting the market for energy renovation in Denmark. Furthermore we hope to be a discussion partner with the other partners with the purpose of improving everyone’s’ knowledge of how energy renovations are best performed and how we can achieve an even bigger potential for savings than we can today.

O. Adsbøll & Sønner A/S is initiator of the energy renovation project “ProjektLowEnergy”


Middelfart Sparekasse  

The main area of business of Middelfart Sparekasse is banking in the Triangle Region along with Middelfart, Odense and Horsens. As a local financial institution we have responsibility for contributing positively to the development of society and since the foundation in 1853 the savings bank has worked to create community value for the entire local area.

We contribute to Green Business Growth with experience from previous products and development of a financial energy product. We see the cooperation in Green Business Growth as forum that creates value through experience and competence exchange.