Our focus on up-scaling require engament and drive financially as well as in manhour. We believe in bottom-up approach and see the good results from this. In order to keep up the good pace and keep sharing knowledge, we welcome investors engagement and financial support to the concepts. Our work is based on CSR, and bottom line sense.

Socio-economic benefit

The 165 new green jobs GBG has created in The Southern Region of Denmark means a positive public revenue of 5 mio. Euros. Now we aim higher and wider and are hopeful that more investors will help along create more jobs and up-scale our well tested concepts in Denmark and abroad. We will assist through consulting, knowledge-sharing and contributing with concept manuals and will aid locally based companies and municipalities create successes of their own. 

Lets invest in the future together

Green Business Growth is always interested in looking into the possibilities for partner matchmaking and co-applying for EU funding. Please contact us, if you're interested in investing in a green future.